mardi 16 mars 2010

Infusionsoft CRM & Email Marketing solution

What makes Infusionsoft CRM Unique?

Infusionsoft, the all in one web based CRM solution, is considered today, as one of the most powerful tools in e-commerce and relationship management software, and until writing this review, Infusionsoft database counts over than  60 million contacts, it has sent 2 billion emails and has processed $1.4 billion in ecommerce sales.

Since awarded on 2007 the "CRM Excellence Award" for “Top Small Business Marketing Software", Infusionsoft has grown and developed by integrating more features in small-business management including the offline practices.

Powerful Email Marketing

In Email marketing, Infusionsoft crm expands the range of traditional systems; it combines it with a contact manager to tell you everything about your prospects. And to go smarter, infusionsoft tags your leads by linking different actions to different answers on Web forms. This means you can filter your lists and integrate more autoresponders automatically regarding your customer behavior.

Fully Integrated CRM

Infusionsoft offers a fully integrated powerful and customizable CRM, you can manage your customer information and also track emails, faxes, appointments, tasks and phone correspondence in a single, centralized database. You can Track every time someone opens an email, clicks a link, or takes any other action, and prepare the next targeted campaign from one place.

Smart Automation That Works For You

Infusionsoft crm is all about automation, it allows you to create unlimited follow-up sequences for each point of the sales process. Forget the standard and classic autoresponders and start to send emails based on important dates or behaviors automatically (someone fills out a form, clicks a link, calls into your sales line, etc).

Online and Offline Multimedia Marketing

Use the power of multimedia marketing, and not communicate with your subscribers with only emails. Indeed Infusionsoft allows you to send letters, postcards, faxes, voice messages and other direct mail pieces within your automated follow-up sequences.

Billing, Invoicing, and payment Collection

Create orders, manage billing, invoice clients, and collect payments via paypal or credit card from inside Infusionsoft crm. Track your accounts receivables and let Infusionsoft crm set up notifications for expired credit cards. You can either host your store with our built in web store or you can easily integrate your own web store to work with our checkout process.

Manage affiliate Programs

If you run an affiliate program, Infusionsoft crm offers a resource center that allows you and your affiliates to view referrals and commissions. Track who is referring leads and sales and how much earnings they have made in both, simple or multiple tiers of commissions.

Full functional free trial

The full functional free trial of Infusionsoft crm will give you all what you need to grow your business quickly and profitably. Plus, you also get full access to infusionsoft crm online support center and a library of campaigns you can implement immediately to your profit.

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